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Scalemate is a collection of fun practice tracks, to help musicians of all ages enjoy practising and learning scales, especially in preparation for an instrumental music exam (ABRSM, LCM & TCL). The mp3s come in a range of music styles, including Latin, Reggae, Funk & Jazz and also at two speeds – slow & fast.

The Scalemate products are grouped by instrument, grade and exam board and also come in discounted bundles (ideal for teachers). We also have a concert pitch category called ‘Class’ which is suitable for general practice or classroom use.

You can purchase the products either as a digital download (to use on your computer, MP3 player or mobile phone) or by ordering an audio CD. If you chose the CD option please allow 28 days for delivery.

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Why do children avoid playing / practising scales?

Children (and even many adults) find scales boring. They do not achieve the same sense of fulfilment as they would performing character pieces with accompaniments or in groups and ensembles. Learning scales is a challenge which few people rise to with enthusiasm.

Why are scales so important to pupils’ development?

Scales and arpeggios are the basis of all music in some form or other. Learning scales makes reading and playing music easier and more enjoyable. Improving technique on an instrument involves developing muscular memory and scales are a very useful tool for this. Scales can also be an introduction to tonality – major, minor (natural, harmonic & melodic), chromatic, diminished & whole tone.

How can Scalemate help?

Scalemate gives scales a whole new lease of life. It makes them easier to learn and gives the student the same fulfilment as when playing with piano accompaniments or with ensembles. The play-along tracks will also help pupils to play in time and be more aware of their intonation. Scalemate takes away the tedium and makes scale practice fun!

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